India and Its Festivals

India is a country of festivals all over the world for regional festivals or National festivals.

Festivals like Holi, Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, And many more festivals are celebrated all over the world with great enthusiasm and happiness.

The country is like the…

We can answer this question of why Republic day is celebrated in India Later. Firstly, we discuss important dates and information about Republic day.

Continent: Asia

Country: India

Capital: New Delhi

Currency: Indian Rupee(INR)

Language: Hindi, English

India and Its Festivals

India is a country of festivals all over the…

Ultra music festival

About the location of Ultra music festival, Miami

Continent: Asia

Country: United States

County: Miami-Dade

Currency: U.SDollar

Language: English

Frequency of the festival: Annual

Date of the festival: Late March

Genre: EDM

Location: Virginian key, Miami (2019)

Attendance: as per 2019,170,000

Organized by: Ultra Enterprises Inc.


Ultra Music Festival lineup 2021

Ultra Music Festival lineup 2021 is a tropical attach of electronic performers and intellects with an arrangement of house music, daze, dubstep, electro, and the sky is the limit from there!

Overall DJs on the worldwide scene will come to Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront…

Kaapseklopse’ or Cape Town Minister Carnival

Country: South Africa

City: South Africa

Currency: South African Rand

Language: Capetownkaapstad(Africans)kappa (Xhosa)

: Annual

Duration: one day (2 January)

Introduction of Cape Town Minister Carnival

The simply Klopse or kaapse klopse is a Cape colorful minstrel festival that happens yearly on 2 January…

Asian continent celebrates The Thaipusam Festival in Penang, Malaysia 2021, before going on festival history firstly, have a look at the country’s main point

Continent: Asia

County: Malaysia

Capital: Kuala Lumpur

Currency: Malaysian ringgit

Language: Malaya

About the Thaipusam Festival in Penang, Malaysia 2021

Thaipusam is a yearly festival of…

Thaipusam Festival

the story behind Thaipusam Festival?

As per legend, Parvati (the Hindu goddess of fruitfulness, love, commitment, divine strength, and force) gave Murugan (the general granter of wishes) a lance – the vel, so he could vanquish the malicious devil Soorapadman.

This is the reason during Thaipusam, lovers go…

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